Types Of Vape Pens

Following the latest legislative evolution on the CBD we are no longer entitled to advise cannabidiol or to present its therapeutic virtues in a favorable light. We leave the information for informational purposes in the name of freedom of information but draw your attention that to date the French authorities prohibit CBD over-the-counter and any presentation of its therapeutic virtues. At the same time we invite you not to spray anything else with the vape pens that follow the classic eliquides without CBD and no CBD oil either.

CBD Vaporizers – The Most Effective Way of Administering Cannabidiol Oil

CBD or cannabidiol is a molecule contained in cannabis, one of the many (about 80 different) so-called cannabinoids. Cannabis thus contains other cannabis and another cannabinoid much more known for its psychoactive side is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol and whose presence of more than 0.2% in the plant Cannabis Sativa makes the latter illegal in the eyes of the authorities of most countries of the Globe

CBD or cannabidiol is non-psychoactive, does not cause stoning and is therefore theoretically legal and its interest in medicinal application, similar in some way to that of medicinal plants is in its beneficial action against pain of any type, anxiety , stress or inflammations, muscle pain etc. 

Aulthough CBD Vape pens are the most effective ways to get CBD, they do not contain any THC as THC above 1mg per container, henc vapes containing thc are also known weed vape juice are illegal according to and thier therupatic benefits under UK law is not recognized. These deliver a high dose of CBD without any issues associated with vaping. 


CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant of industrial hemp type containing little or no (less than 0.2%) THC.

While cannabidiol can be administered into the body by ingestion (applying oil drops under the tongue for example) this method has the disadvantage of a necessary digestion of CBD by the body (the liver).

Spraying refillable CBD vape pen Kit UK for cannabidiol (a kind of hybrid between e-cigarette and vaporizer most often) is a much more useful method because the molecules of CBD found in industrial cannabis oil are found during the vaporization and the transformation of this liquid oil into aromatic vapor in a volatile state mixed with micro droplets of water vapor and are directly absorbed by the blood cells or, more exactly, the endocannabinoid receptors of the body.

Thanks to this optimization and ease of assimilation of CBD by the body much less oil is used with a vape pen or vaporizer than ingesting which is a source of significant savings when taken into account the high price of oils or e-liquids enriched with the CO2 extract of cannabidiol.

How does a CBD vaporizer or specialized vape pen for cannabidiol oil work?

The operation of a vape pen for CBD is very similar to that of an electronic cigarette.

Moreover, some of the vaporizers that we propose are also e-cigarettes that allow, in addition to cannabis oil, exclusive of any presence of THC to vaporize or vapotate e-liquid enriched with CBD, which testifies to the similarity between the two types of spray tools.

A  CBD vape pen is almost always made up of a very thin, stick-shaped rechargeable lithium battery that is connected to an express heater for CBD oils or vaporized e-liquids and is most commonly referred to as an atomizer.

Moreover, the real name of this entire process of vaporization of e-liquid CBD or cannabidiol oils should really be called atomization but the word vaping and vaporization has emerged and it seems definitive.

The heating element or atomizer is often very small and can be supplied with oil or eliquide through reusable tanks or disposable cartridges. A vaporizer or vape pen for CBD running with refillable or refillable CBD vape pens will require a little more attention and maintenance but will allow more freedom in the choice of raw material to spray. or to vapote. CBD vape pens that offer disposable cartridges or cartridges will be easier and more convenient to use but will most often require the choice of cannabidiol oil or CBD e-liquid to that of the disposable cartridge supplier or manufacturer.

Generally speaking, when a manual spray or atomizing apparatus is designed for CBD oil, it is generally referred to as vaporization and a CBD vape pen and when the apparatus is designed for e-liquid CBD we talk about vaping and a CBD e-cigarette.

We invite you to explore and find the best CBD vaporizer or vape pen model in the list that follows, all our models have been tested and carefully selected for their very high efficiency of CBD administration, the practical side.