CBD is a molecule derived from medical research on cannabinoids.

CBD is a molecule derived from medical research on cannabinoids.

Since its discovery, this substance has never ceased to amaze health researchers, everything we know is still subject to discussions in the scientific world and all health professionals will not necessarily keep the same speech. 

CBD has very effective relaxing effects against nausea, anxiety and inflammation. CBD has traditionally been used for soothing purposes as the molecule appears to be biologically very neutral. It is at the center of much research, particularly in the treatment of cancer, epilepsy, or even schizophrenia.

In E liquid CBD, the active ingredient is confined to a relaxing and soothing effect.

CBD eliquide is therefore, at low dosage, vape pens are subject to stress and anxiety. At higher concentrations, these particular E-liquids may even help some vape pen to lose interest in other substances by offering sensations partially analogous to their habits. Under these circumstances, the liquid CBD could significantly extend the effective field of the electronic cigarette


A CBD liquid vaporizes in the same way as an ordinary liquid. Simply fill your clearomizer and vapo normally and no specific manipulation is necessary to vape CBD. As for a normal liquid, it is always essential to start a new resistance.

In general, these products are rather popular at low and moderate power (<40 Watts). The quality of the active ingredients means that it is not necessarily necessary to vaporize insane amounts of liquid to arrive at the desired result. The effect will never be psychoactive anyway.

CBD is a molecule derived from the cultivation of hemp plants. The plants come from specific varieties that have the particularity to provide higher concentrations of cannabidiol (CBD) at the expense of other types of cannabinoids. Other treatments can remove all traces of THC (the psychoactive side). For the same reason and thanks to extremely rigorous technical controls, the CBD liquids have a fixed composition over time and from one series to another. We can therefore vape without surprises or without risk of ending up with a poor product standards. An electronic cigarette liquid with CBD is generally proposed with a base propylene glycol and plant glycerine fluid enough. Nevertheless it should be known that CBD and terpenes will naturally thicken the whole. It will therefore be prudent to adjust its settings when switching from one eliquide to another.



If you have not already noticed, the concentration of CBD is not always indicated very explicitly on bottles. The reason is simple: first and foremost, it is easier to read prices. While this approach allows for complete pricing transparency, it may not be the easiest way to understand the dosages in the CBD and this is what we will clarify in this section.



To measure CBD, one must first be able to understand the difference between the mass of CBD and the concentration of CBD in a liquid e.

The mass of CBD represents the total amount of CBD present in the e-liquid (expressed in milligrams, abbreviated “mg”). The concentration of CBD in an electronic cigarette liquid will directly determine its strength (expressed in milligrams per milliliter, abbreviated “mg / ml”).

In other words one can have a bottle A which contains 10 ml of liquid in 500 mg and a bottle B which contains 30 ml of liquid in 500 mg. We have the same mass, but not the same concentration.

Our A bottle has a concentration of 50 mg / ml. This figure is obtained by simple division: 500 mg / 10 ml = 50 mg / ml Our bottle B has a concentration of 16.6 mg / ml. (same as 500 mg / 30 ml = 16,666 …)

In most cases, the bottles are conditioned by 10 ml and the question does not arise. We can therefore be satisfied with looking at the mass, since the concentration is constant when the volume of e-liquid is the same. To put it more simply: if you are not sure about yourself, stay on bottles of 10 ml and you will never have a bad surprise.

Nevertheless, it is often more interesting from an economic point of view to move towards large packaging, especially since these products arrive massively on the market. Here’s how to make your choices.



This category includes all CBD eliquides whose level is less than or equal to 15 mg / ml (or 150 mg if the bottle contains 10 ml). Low dosages are intended for use over the length. If you’re looking for a CBD eliquide to vape all day, you’re in the right place. No direct effect peak, everything is very diffuse and under control.


The average dosages include liquids with a concentration of between 15 mg / ml and 30 mg / ml (150 mg and 300 mg when the bottle contains 10 ml). These are mainly used for localized vaping over time. In small sessions between 10 minutes and 30 minutes. As a general rule, the crewmembers tend to use them in the evening or at specific times (after a major intellectual effort for example).


From 50 mg / ml (or 500 mg / 10 ml) high dosages are obtained which are intended to be diluted in another eliquid or in a neutral base. Rather, they should be seen as a way to save on costs by mixing yourself. It is not recommended to vape them as they are.